Logistics Skills Alliance launch 2025 Logistics Vision - a national platform

Logistics Skills Alliance chair talks final mile sustainability to Manchester Fashion Institute

LSA chair, Carl Lomas delivers inaugural lecture in Express final mile to the Manchester Fashion Institute at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

‘Carbon may be the measure of free home delivery.’

Carl Lomas, chairman Logistics Skills Alliance & chair of the Transport for Greater Manchester Urban deliveries group was in Manchester to deliver the inaugural lecture of final mile, fashion express logistics at the Manchester Metropolitan University's Manchester Institute of Fashion, introduced by Dr Ken Wilkinson.

CEO David Sleath talks e-commerce best ever-property drivers to the Logistics Skills Alliance

SEGRO, the UK leading real estate investment trust (REIT) of modern warehousing woke Blighty Radio Four listeners on the breakfast show this week with big 2017 figures and news e-retail was the key driver.

CEO David Sleath,

The structural drivers of demand in our sector (urbanisation, growth of the digital economy and e-commerce) are likely to underpin occupier demand for some time to come and these, coupled with our modern, well-located assets, our current development pipeline and our land bank all offer significant opportunities for future growth.

Peak is expected to break +25% increases in the first Express surge of 2018; forecasts for Mother's Day will be based on Valentines which is expected to set new records in home delivery.

Did you get your date night dinner delivered ? Did you send a washing machine to your Valentines ? Did your pet get a loved one present ? As bricks and mortar shopping moves further into tablets and phones, the Express explosion continues to drive supply chain to home delivery, take a look below at the operator quotes .

2018 news feb jobs that move

A New Year, a New Start.
The Logistics and Passenger Transport Campaign 22nd January – 2nd February 2018.

Jobs that Move - Institute of Couriers chairman Carl Lomas direct from the Logistics Skills Alliance Heathrow summit talks stairways and routes in Job Centre national masterclass call on Express logistics.




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Freight Forwarding Skills Breakfast Summit

The Freight Forwarding Industry is booming. Global trade, e-commerce and restocking contributed to quarter by quarter growth in 2017. With technological change, increased digitisation combined with rising prices it begs the question…. Where is the freight talent pool with the right skills to handle these growing volumes ?

To Joe Public, Freight Forwarding is an unknown, an alien term, not understood and literally a world away. For the majority of people of all ages, they do not know what Freight Forwarding is let alone considering a career in it.

How do we attract new talent and upskill the talent we have? How do we attempt to change the culture and image within the sector? What happens if we maintain the status quo and do nothing?

Join us at the Freight Forwarding Skills Breakfast Summit to try and address these questions and a plan to do something different!

Limited places available: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm a place.



The ‘Operator view’ was at the heart of the Heathrow January full house event.

The action was engage- sort your ‘levy lockdown interview’ - call LSA and use your levy to deliver a next generation workforce.

 LSA chair Carl Lomas opened with a big interaction of issues in the Heathrow hot-spot. Two govt depts. Talked passion from DWP and DfT before a spellbound masterclass on final mile food by Ocado national fleet manager Graham Thomas.

DfT policy head Philip Martin focused on the Heathrow & East Midlands Hot Spots of logistics, while DWP JCP Western Region head Nigel Yates spoke recruitment challenges for the logistics sector.

Graeme Baker exposed the myth of levy and detailed the apprenticeships with an interactive stairway of transport quals before James Billingham spoke 2025 vision, Heathrow 3, HS2, explosion of home delivery and next generation workforce.

Full event detail and the Ocado masterclass below


Dick Stead, chairman remains. Andrew Peeler joined Yodel from the fastest growing Bupa unit in ANZ, and prior to that was involved in the turnaround of one of Bupa’s largest businesses.

Earlier in his career, he played a key role in a successful transformation acquisition for Cadbury Schweppes in the USA and the financial recovery of Premier Foods.

Andrew joined Yodel in September as chief financial officer, has previously held several senior executive and board positions in Europe, America and Australia at international blue chip companies including Unilever, Cadbury Schweppes, Premier Foods and Bupa.

He has broad commercial and financial experience and has been pivotal in both expanding and turning big businesses around.

Chris Grayling stays as Secretary of State and Jesse Norman and Baroness Sugg also stay. Jo Johnson (brother of Boris Johnson) has replaced John Hayes as Minister of State and Nusrat Ghani has replaced Paul Maynard.

Jo Johnson MP – Minister of State and Minister for London

· Rail

· Industrial Relations

· London

The Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State (PUSS) are...

Heathrow 2017 record year – 1.7 million tonnes – John Holland-Kaye

John Holland-Kaye has set a record year for the West London hot-spot airport. Close to 1.7 million metric tonnes of cargo passed through Heathrow in what John tells the Logistics Skills Alliance is a port of freight.

Department of Transport keeps its Secretary of State but there is change in the Ministers.

The DfT ministerial was finalised this morning, (Wed 10th January) but the portfolios are yet to be confirmed.

Chris Grayling stays as Secretary of State and Jesse Norman and Baroness Sugg also stay.

Jo Johnson, brother of Boris Johnson, has replaced John Hayes as Minister of State and Nusrat Ghani has replaced Paul Maynard.

John Hayes CBE MP, Minister of State for Transport Legislation & Maritime at the DfT has resigned today (09 Jan 2018).

He will be replaced by Jo Johnson MP who moves from BEIS where his portfolio included Universities, Science, Research & Innovation.

The Junior Minister's responsibilities include

-taxi policy
-transport legislation and Parliamentary liaison and coordination
-transport skills
-maritime policy, including London International Shipping Week

Logistics Vision LRW 400x128


An ongoing review of Vision 2025 Future Challenges and Opportunities facing the logistics sector

The date for the third review of the 2025 logistics sector vision is now set for March 10th 2020 at West Thames College, Heathrow. It's free to attend for operators and is Heathrow-based with top line keynotes and operator input to review the sector vision.

Free for operators to attend - email now for your ticket here  .


Looking back, LSA chair Carl Lomas opened the 2018 2nd review by requesting operators local and national engage by voting on the vision for logistics in 2025.


 The group unanimously agreed on-demand logistics would be commonplace by 2025.

 Only half the group believed there would be 30% shift in passenger numbers to public transport.

 Three quarters of the group believed HS2 would have routes operational by 2025

 But only half the group believed Heathrow runway 3 would be operational in the same timescale.

 Fewer than 10% believed drones would have made impact in deliveries.

 The whole group believed 5G and mobile internet would be widely active by 2025

 In terms of extending lifespan, only half the group believed average age would reach 90 by 2025

 No-one believed logistics would be carbon-free by 2025

 90% believed city centre emission tariffs would be commonplace by 2025

 Looking at qualifications and the stigma of apprenticeships being perceived as second class to graduates, 80 % believed this stigma would be gone by 2025.


An extravagant masterclass followed at the LSA West Thames College Heathrow venue, TfL, FORS, GLA and the vision of the retailer.

Full report here

The next Vision event is now scheduled for March 10th 2020 at West Thames College, Heathrow