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An ongoing review of Vision 2025 Future Challenges and Opportunities facing the logistics sector

The date for the third review of the 2025 logistics sector vision is now set for March 10th 2020 at West Thames College, Heathrow. It's free to attend for operators and is Heathrow-based with top line keynotes and operator input to review the sector vision.

Free for operators to attend - email now for your ticket here  .


Looking back, LSA chair Carl Lomas opened the 2018 2nd review by requesting operators local and national engage by voting on the vision for logistics in 2025.


 The group unanimously agreed on-demand logistics would be commonplace by 2025.

 Only half the group believed there would be 30% shift in passenger numbers to public transport.

 Three quarters of the group believed HS2 would have routes operational by 2025

 But only half the group believed Heathrow runway 3 would be operational in the same timescale.

 Fewer than 10% believed drones would have made impact in deliveries.

 The whole group believed 5G and mobile internet would be widely active by 2025

 In terms of extending lifespan, only half the group believed average age would reach 90 by 2025

 No-one believed logistics would be carbon-free by 2025

 90% believed city centre emission tariffs would be commonplace by 2025

 Looking at qualifications and the stigma of apprenticeships being perceived as second class to graduates, 80 % believed this stigma would be gone by 2025.


An extravagant masterclass followed at the LSA West Thames College Heathrow venue, TfL, FORS, GLA and the vision of the retailer.

Full report here

The next Vision event is now scheduled for March 10th 2020 at West Thames College, Heathrow


Envisage the logistics sector in less than 10 years from now...

  • On-demand commerce a reality
  • 30% increase in peak public transport demand
  • Heathrow 3rd runway almost operational
  • HS2 and Rail North operational
  • Mobile robotic solutions - UAV/drone deliveries
  • Driverless trucks - platoon convoys commonplace
  • Explosion of Big Data
  • Gigabit mobile internet - 5G & beyond
  • Average human lifespan around 90 years
  • 2040 - end of petrol and diesel engine production
  • Carbon-free distribution - low-emission electric vehicles
  • Extensive zero-emission city-centre tariffs
  • Trailblazer established - apprenticeships a respected career route

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