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An ongoing review of Future Challenges and Opportunities facing the logistics sector.

Multimodal NEC logistics operator research input is on its way for LSA Vision 2030

Scanning the horizon we see 2030 in view.

The third operator review took place on March 26th 2024.

Meeting the challenge of the transition to alternative fuels with education.

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The third review of the logistics sector vision was held on Tuesday 26th March 2024 at West Thames College, Hounslow Spring Grove House, Heathrow.

An afternoon masterclass of keynotes and hands-on tech - read the full report here

Envisage the logistics sector in less than 10 years from now...

  • A logistics sector rich in Apprenticeships
  • 16-18 focus for next generation
  • Part-time steps for adult entry into logistics
  • On-demand commerce a reality
  • challenges in peak public transport demand
  • Heathrow 3rd runway
  • Rail North operational
  • Mobile robotic solutions - UAV/drone deliveries
  • Explosion of AI - human-level performance in many sectors
  • Driverless trucks - platoon convoys commonplace
  • Gigabit mobile internet - 6G & beyond
  • Average human lifespan around 90 years
  • 2030 - petrol and diesel engine milestone
  • Carbon-free distribution - low-emission electric vehicles
  • Extensive zero-emission city-centre tariffs
  • Trailblazer established - apprenticeships a respected career route

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