The April 8th 2019 deadline is fast approaching. Ultra Low Emission Zone, ULEZ, the TfL paperwork is arriving through the letterboxes for April 2019. Are you ready and have you checked your vehicles validity in the zone? If you believe it’s a Euro6, be sure to check on the register. Vehicles a few years old? - you may still need to sort out the paperwork if you are an 'early adopter' vehicle owner.



If you wish to use your vehicle in central London from April 8th 2019 and it does not meet the ULEZ standard there will be a daily charge of £12.50 for cars, motorcycles and vans and £100 per day for heavy vehicles. This is in addition to the central London Congestion Charge, if that normally applies to your vehicle.

If you believe your vehicle is compliant you must act, first check with the manufacturer to validate the emissions. TfL is aware that some manufacturers produced vehicles that met the ULEZ standards earlier than was legally required. These vehicles are known as early adopters. If you believe your vehicle is an early adopter you need to act and be sure it's clear to enter ULEZ without penalty.