Logistics Skills Alliance were in the City of London for all things future in our vehicle fleets.

Electrification of Montreal was the keynote opening for the two-day Future Fleet conference at Guildhall in the City of London.

Two days with a gala evening of Future Fleet Awards, agenda packed to busting from New York PD to City of London,

Biodiesel in Iowa to Stockholm for clean air with an exhibition of latest clean air vehicles to boot.

Speaker Programme after the break...

Welcome and Introduction, Christopher Hayward, Chairman of the Planning and Transportation Committee , City of London


Opening Keynote: Montreal’s electrification programme

Philippe Saint-Vil , Head Planning and Operations Support , City of Montreal


• How the City of Montreal electrified its fleet

• The experiences of the City with electric vehicles and integration of 100% electric vehicles was carried out

• City of Montreal functioned as a vector of change in electrification (sensitisation)


Biodiesel trials in Iowa.

David May , Fleet Manager , Iowa Department of Transportation.


• The unique perspective of a biodiesel pioneer and a member of the military while learning about the relationship between the two roles against a historic backdrop

• Identify Strategic Partnerships that are a key to success of a biodiesel program

• Take on board practical tips for the adoption and successful use of biodiesel


Johan Seuffert , Fleet Manager , City of Stockholm - Stockholm’s fleet management policy


· Stockholm encouraged its inhabitants to walk, cycle or use public transport

· Car sharing helped lower emissions

· Stockholm converted its fleet to green vehicles, Steps the City had to take to achieve this



Global cities and zero emissions fleet

Caroline Watson , Programme Director, Transportation and Urban Planning Network Manager, Zero Emission Vehicles , C40

· Why cities are leading the transition to zero emissions fleet

· How cities around the world are making this change

· The lessons and challenges cities face, and how you can apply this to your own organisation


Caroline Watson, ‘Stockholm, the electric capital of the world, Madrid has ambitious targets. Optimise you fleet, do not replace vehicles like for like, diesel and electric is different.’


Richard Harris , Director , Ohmio, and ITS UK - The future of cities

• Find out what types of transport and mobility are coming to our cities soon

• Learn about the policy aspects of new mobility

• Find out how automated, connected, electric, and shared mobility will affect municipal operations

Richard Harris, ‘ITS, Intelligent transport systems. All about data and turning it into good quality information to improve economic performance, adapting a different way of travelling. We don’t often talk about keeping the High street alive. High street shops are becoming showrooms while deliveries of the goods come from giant distribution centres. Trust is key, to travel green as one person on the bus is not green, give them information to travel greener by other route or time, a friendly way to provide information for journeys is key.’ Richard spoke mobility vehicles with multi platforms for passenger or freight delivery.

“This is the reality. Enormous amounts of people struggling to move around. ITS works to make moving/travelling around better. Systems need to make connections, mobility and air quality connectivity. ITS is helping to transform data that helps to keep the high street alive for freight delivers”


Dr Paul Jackson , Head of Impairment Research , TRL

Maintaining driver mental wellbeing to improve operational performance – A driver wellbeing programme.

· Become aware of the links between fatigue, stress and mental wellbeing and the operational practices that may exacerbate poor driver wellbeing

· Understanding of how mental wellbeing impacts the safety and performance of professional drivers and increases operational costs

· Guidance on the strategies that employers can implement to measure and manage driver wellbeing

Dr Jackson, ‘Does driving for a living impact on wellbeing? Do your driving work patterns allow people to engage outside of working hours, are your drivers at home when their children are awake? Stress, achieving delivery slots, environmental conditions effecting driving’ ‘In summary stress in driving jobs effects customer service, absenteeism, even fuel economy. Ultimately costs to the business’


GPS Jamming – ‘Where is the van?’

Paul Owen , National Lead UK Law enforcement on GPS Jamming, Police Senior User, Home Office , JESIP, on secondment from Hampshire Police

· Jamming and spoofing and how it impacts fleet

· The scale of GPS jamming. How it ranges from employees defeating fleet management tools, up to organised vehicle crime and terrorism

· Dealing with loss of GPS, and how to carry out resilience planning for business continuity

· Risks of public sector vehicle security

Paul Owen, ‘GPS jamming can be used for vehicle theft but jamming can be used by a working driver to hide their location, using the van out of hours, using their van off the grid. Jam the signal and disappear from a tracking system.’



Robert S. Martinez , Deputy Commissioner , NYPD

Managing the New York PD’s fleet

· Unique challenges in managing a Governmental fleet

· The growing risk of cyber threats for Governmental fleets

· Electric vehicle revolution for Governmental fleets

· Importance data is in running a Governmental fleet

Robert S. Martinez, ‘Game changers are Ev vans with range over two hundred miles, vehicle price was one hundred thousand dollars but is moving to thirty thousand dollars, the Chevy Bolt. GM to add 20 new EV vehicles to their range by 2023. University of Michigan published last month fuel cost for EV less than half of conventional fuel vehicle.