Logistics Skills Alliance launch 2025 Logistics Vision - a national platform

Logistics Skills Alliance at the UK and Ireland's largest transport and logistics event - Multimodal 2018

  • 225 exhibitors
  • 9,500 visitors
  • 35 conference sessions
  • 85 speakers
  • The Multimodal Mixer - networking for exhibitors and visitors
  • 12 Awards

Exclusive sneak-peek of the exhibitor stands before the doors even open ! see our photo-gallery of the stands

UK national transport showcase for all things logistics, Ford, Citroen, Fiat, LDV, Peugeot and Renault all showcasing the vans in back to back floor space. Highways England in hall three, Shell and Goodyear in hall five,

MAN launch van, Nissan talk two hundred miles electric and Iveco go gas with blue van.

Bosch ceo, Dr Denner:

There’s a future for diesel. Soon, emissions will no longer be an issue.

Moya Greene

It's been a pleasure and a great privilege to serve as CEO of this cherished UK institution

Friday April 20th announcement, Moya Greene is to retire this September.

Moya Greene has done eight years, from a break-even to almost 500 million profit this year. Friday morning share price remained stable over £5.60.

Moya Greene will leave the board in July. She arrived at Royal Mail from Canada Post where she held the top slot. The privatisation in 2013/14 and a long-running dispute on pensions have been at the heart of her term.

Thursday, 12th April at 4.00 pm Regus Heathrow, Bath Road.

Logistics Skills Alliance chairman Carl Lomas was a guest of Hounslow Chamber at the oblong table of the Regus office at Heathrow with shippers, freight forwarders and handlers talking logistics in a frank and heated exchange opening on infrastructure. ‘Heathrow understands cargo but do they see cargo as a market ?

Keynotes followed on next generation workforce, e-retail digitisation and a finish on alternative fuel vehicles for clean air at Heathrow.

Logistics Skills Alliance chairman, Carl Lomas looks at the headlines,

Lomas, ‘Infrastructure remains key, fleet charge at a hub or individual driver charge at home ?

Nigel Banes SMMT, ‘ A patchwork quilt of London geographics, street-by-street compliance is not the way.

Simon Scarfe TfL, ‘Working with 33 London Boroughs is a big job. Compare it to 33 small cities

Sam Clarke Gnewt, ‘ Working in silos will create a long road to success.'

Tracey Worth IOC, ‘Clean air is not just about alternative fuel !

The full house tallied up 24 thousand vans at a single DfT round table, with giant display TVs for the energetic agenda.

LSA with TfL LoCity – centre stage to talk alternative fuel vehicles, vans and trucks.

LSA, Logistics Skills Alliance were at the TfL LoCity annual Motor Transport Fuel in Action event. Headline speakers reported below, two photo galleries - inside and out  - and the first report of the event survey to find how you shop online.

Clean and green air – Next-generation workforce and how to drive the hybrids.

This Tuesday 20 March 2018 at Kempton Park racecourse, get your free registration today. (deadline has passed)

LSA will be at the show with a stand in the food court area ready to talk levy lockdown for your apprenticeships through to driver CPC local to you.

LSA will also take the opportunity to review how you shop on-line, building a survey vision of express logistics. Not finished with that, LSA would also like to ask you 'what do you think this apprenticeship thing is all about ?', the LSA are using the data to more clearly map the sector next generation workforce need. How will the next generation drivers maximise the use of alternative fuel vehicles ?

Levy and next generation workforce in Logistics

Rt. Hon. John Hayes CBE MP at the table with LSA Chair Carl Lomas

Sec of State for Transport Chris Grayling delivers the keynote,

Transport makes a difference to our country.

Transport is about People.

The Carmen Livery and Awards night Transport Banquet filled Mansion House with a UK-wide transport showcase - multi-modal; road, rail air and sea.

Sec of State Chris Grayling spoke of ‘Transport makes a difference to our country.

Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman Charles Bowman was in attendance to greet guests with the Master Carmen.

The Lord Mayor focused on walking as the key mode to cross the streets of the City of London. He spoke on the impact of Cross Rail, the culture mile it would generate and the new location for the Museum of London for its focus.

1908 – 2018 / 110 years - Mother's Day -  Sunday March 11th

Americans talk of Mother's Day starting in 1914. Anna Jarvis resolved to honour the death of her mother in 1908. Her mother’s wish was that someone would one day pay tribute to all mothers. Anna is reported to have written hundreds of letters to officials before she gained the support of the Philadelphian merchant John Wanamaker. Mother's Day became an official U.S. holiday in 1914.

Here in the UK, Mother's Day marks the second logistics peak of the year. Valentines broke all records and today's numbers will likely do the same as final mile home delivery continues to explode. Based in the heart of flower final mile, like Valentine's, the breadth of deliveries has widened beyond all expectations.

Logistics Skills Alliance networking in Manchester to talk freight delivery on every level, clean air to congestion, recruitment to kerb space parking.

It was a bicycle to station, train to Manchester and a tram to the venue for four modal streams to the full house Manchester event.

Virtual courier bays, workforce solutions for logistics, train final mile, travel demand management for smart motorways and the four Rs, re-time, re-route, reduce, re-mode.

Tracy Aust was at the centre of the Alternative Parcel Company APC group, from London to Liverpool to talk express trailblazer apprenticeships and solutions to final mile, new workforce on electric bikes, last mile delivery in the apprenticeship schemes. Tracy was at the Institute of Couriers 2018 Fellows' Gowning with a host of national guests to talk exploding express numbers and need for next generation workforce.