Logistics Skills Alliance launch 2025 Logistics Vision - a national platform

LSA were in Birmingham at the CV Show.

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Walking the red carpet of the NEC aisles of the CV Show, trucks sparse in the land of the van; CV is Van King - a hands-on opportunity.

Seeing red; red Royal Mail vans on the VW stand to a smart red brand new Vauxhaull launch van.

Lots of electric; LDV zero emission with a smooth box shape taking centre stage on a rotating stand.

A British Superbike, Hawk Buildbase Suzuki machine, loads of spannering kit and acres of tech amongst tyres and loading systems. Old amongst the new, crazy cool old Citroen garlic delivery van beside the latest EVS.

Very latest EVs was a showcase Paxster, final mile electric from DPD.

Nigel Base, SMMT talks CV Show at the NEC,

This year’s event is one of the best ever. A raft of major new products, including the new Vauxhall Vivaro, Ford Ranger, 2.0-tonne Transit and LDV EV30 will all make their public début.’ Once again innovation will be a central theme of the show. Virtually every manufacturer and supplier will be showing off its latest high-tech solutions to make commercials and light commercials cleaner and more efficient. There will also be plenty of huge advances in areas such as in-cab connectivity, telematics, driver monitoring and real-time analytics.


Exclusive photo gallery below, take a walk of the NEC aisles to review the latest electric and diesel vans

TfGM Manchester freight – the fifth annual event

LSA Chairman, Lomas delivers Logistics Client Chain keynote in Manchester

LSA were in the north west, logistics heartland of Manchester for the TfGM, Greater Manchester fifth annual freight forum. Big operator turnout included, Yodel, UPS, Hermes and DPD amongst the key express nationals.

Lorna McAtear, Royal Mail, ‘We are investing 7 million in new compliant delivery vehicles’. We are trialling everything from LNG, CNG and even e-bikes.

The Manchester event focused on informing and engaging the Freight sector on the Outline Business Case for the TfGM Manchester Clean Air Plan.

Megan Black spoke for Manchester. Tracey Worth talked inclusion of millennials to the logistics workforce alongside DWP Job Centre Plus guru Alex Farkas.

Carl Lomas, Logistics Skills Alliance Chairman delieverd the keynote for express freight as he looked at Client Chain driven decisions in e-retail purchase for final mile delivery. The famous pineapple doorstep delivery challenged the audience to the morality of what home delivery could be sent to the office in a question of consolidation..

The full house TfGM freight event delivered a cracking lunch and a magic mix of multi-modal operators. The TfGM target was to engage logistics industry operators and it delivered with final mile excellence from heavy LGV to two wheels and walking post.

The forum with over fifty individual operators in the room, generated a better understanding of freight operations in GM. Informing and identifying future needs and the development of potential interventions, Megan Black, TfGM, ‘clean air at the heart of it.'

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, Monday April 8th,

This is a landmark day for our city. Our toxic air is an invisible killer responsible for one of the biggest national health emergencies of our generation. I simply refuse to be yet another politician who ignores it. The ULEZ is the centrepiece of our plans to clean up London’s air – the boldest plans of any city on the planet, and the eyes of the world are on us.

The toughest global emission standard, operating 24 hours, seven days a week, launched Monday (April 8th) in Central London to help reduce toxic air pollution. Van drivers working in Central and millions of Londoners, will breathe cleaner air with NOx road transport emissions estimated to fall by 45 per cent in ULEZ zone.

Is your vehicle compliant? Not sure? TfL’s ULEZ vehicle compliance checker is available at: https://tfl.gov.uk/ulez

LSA Logistics news from TfL LoCITY Kempton Park, Heathrow.

Fuels in Action - with less than two weeks to ULEZ, LSA were at the Heathrow event to review the £12.50 charge.

Logistics Skills Alliance were guests of TfL LoCITY at their Kempton Park clean air event on March 20th.

Take a look below at an exclusive LSA photo tour of the show from cargo bike to gas truck.

Talking Driver CPC and logistics apprenticeship solutions to levy.

LSA on the yellow carpets of IntralogisteX at the Ricoh Arena Coventry.

A hot house of all things logistics, hands-on from robot sorters to packaging machines, fork trucks and even PDAs for express final mile.

LSA in the heart of England at the Coventry Ricoh Arena.

GLA detailed the launch of the new diesel van scrappage scheme this week.

LSA can see it looks good for owner-drivers in Euro 5s and you don’t have to go all the way to zero emission if the money does not work for you.

Mayor Sadiq Khan and TfL Alex Williams comment below. ‘It’s targeted at microbusinesses and charities. Microbusinesses must have fewer than ten employees, less than 638 thousand pounds of turnover and be registered at Companies House or be VAT registered.

It's not the answer for big van fleets but looks great for owner-drivers if you are registered at Companies House.

Electric vehicles - Over 30 thousand vans and two electric-only fleets at table for TfL LoCITY van group on Feb 4th

LSA chair Carl lomas was at the LoCITY TfL Van group this week to engage operators to exchange alternative fuel, clean air solutions for vans with ULEZ around the corner of the streets of London.

How will drivers learn to drive the new electric and gas technology? ULEZ April is big on everyone’s minds - from London to those entering London from Heathrow to Manchester. Cycle and consolidation solutions are always high in the discussions. Charging and infrastructure is the number one agenda item, availability of vehicles is also key.

Logistics Skills Alliance were in the City of London for all things future in our vehicle fleets.

Electrification of Montreal was the keynote opening for the two-day Future Fleet conference at Guildhall in the City of London.

Two days with a gala evening of Future Fleet Awards, agenda packed to busting from New York PD to City of London,

Biodiesel in Iowa to Stockholm for clean air with an exhibition of latest clean air vehicles to boot.

Speaker Programme after the break...

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The April 8th 2019 deadline is fast approaching. Ultra Low Emission Zone, ULEZ, the TfL paperwork is arriving through the letterboxes for April 2019. Are you ready and have you checked your vehicles validity in the zone? If you believe it’s a Euro6, be sure to check on the register. Vehicles a few years old? - you may still need to sort out the paperwork if you are an 'early adopter' vehicle owner.


TfL is committed to working with you to achieve Vision Zero.’

Rich in national operators. City of London Corporation showcased City Square mile freight at TfL full house at Palestra for peak period freight meeting.

Opened with paramedic road traffic video by Vicky Lebrec from Roadpeace, ‘I was hit by a tipper truck

Focus on Vision Zero. ‘It's not just those run over, it’s the driver too.

Two wheels are becoming a key solution to congestion in the final mile of delivery. The national showcase event is Motorcycle Live at the NEC and LSA were on location to look at everything powered two-wheel; the electric options, petrol, licence, FORS and the MCIA views at their AGM.

Summary keynotes below and an exclusive photo gallery for your own tour.