Trailblazer Apprenticeships

The Logistics Skills Alliance leads the way in designing and delivering the new Apprenticeship Standards to the logistics sector nationwide.

Supply Chain Warehouse L2, LGV L2 and Management L5 are at the core of the delivery platforms, Freight forwarding L3 delivery is building reputation. Express delivery operative at L2 and Express Sortation L2 is being delivered in a unique workbook platform. Supply Chain Practitioner (FMCG) apprenticeship at Level 3 has 5-year maturity.

The trailblazer qualifications fall under levy payment, to understand your companies opportunity for funding call the LSA for a levy lockdown interview; make the best of your opportunities in logistics and build your next-generation workforce with confidence.



We have a team of Logistics talent coaches and programme designers who have worked in the industry and speak your language.

All our apprenticeships are designed to be flexible to enable us to tailor the delivery so that it is relevant to your business.


Management Training

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We deliver accredited management programmes from Level 3 to Degree Level.

We are able to incorporate Logistics-specific modules and practical training / learning and mentoring where identified.

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What is Levy ?

So what is it ?

The Apprenticeship Levy, which came into effect on 6 April 2017, is a tax on all UK employers that will support the funding of apprenticeships. Both private and public companies that pay more than £3 million in wages are now liable to pay 0.5 per cent of their pay bill into a fund. Employers can then use this fund – to which the government adds an extra 10 per cent (in England) – to spend on apprenticeship training.

How will it work ?

Companies pay the levy through PAYE on a monthly basis. Each employer has an allowance of £15,000 to offset against their levy payment – which will work in a similar way to the personal tax allowance. Companies will have 24 months to make use of their apprenticeship funds.

Who will benefit ?

These reforms mean the government will now fund apprenticeships for all ages, including existing staff if they wish to upskill via an apprenticeship, as well as those aged 16 to 18, where funding was targeted in the previous system. Logistics companies can now review and put in place training plans to develop their whole workforce.

How can the Logistics Skills Alliance help ?

As a benefit of LSA training you will be able to access our Apprenticeship Advisory Service. Our team know everything about apprenticeships, levy and funding and how it links to logistics. The LSA can take the pain away by understanding your business needs and provide impartial advice and options on where and how you can get the best return on investment for your levy spend.



What is a Trailblazer ?

A Trailblazer is a qualification developed by an employer-led group within a particular sector which wishes to coordinate with government to produce one or more training standards for their workforce. The standards seek to describe typical job roles which organisations have in common across the sector and can range from entry-level skills to managerial responsibility. The standards are concise - typically 1-2 pages long - and contain descriptions of job duties & responsibilities. Accompanying each standard is an End-Point Assessment (EPA) which describes how an apprentice can be fairly and consistently assessed for their skills at the end of the training period.

The Express Delivery Trailblazer standards which have been formally approved by the Dept for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS, formerly BIS) are detailed below. Others are in the final stages of approval or in preparation.

The Express Delivery Trailblazer employer group comprises many of the major names in the courier & allied sectors, ensuring the relevancy of its standards. These include Delivered Bibby, TNT UK, Point to Point, Rush Couriers, Royal Mail Courier Services Ltd, CitySprint, GLH, Swift Group, Hermes & DX. Its Chair is currently Justin Moore of CitySprint and its Secretary is Carl Lomas MBE, Chair of the Logistics Skills Alliance. The EPAs will be performed by SFA-approved (Skills Funding Agency) assessor Pearson plc.

The Express Delivery Stairway

The Express Delivery group envision a complete stairway of qualifications - starting with New Apprenticeships and rising to Degree or Masters level.


Hover over or Touch the stairway below to see the qualifications for each Level

Professional Development Stairway V2

Level 8

PhD or research papers in the sector

Level 7

Degree apprenticeship Express executive manager

Level 6

Degree Apprenticeship Supply chain manager (ST0305)

Degree Apprenticeship Supply Chain Leadership Professional (ST0548)

Level 6 - Express

Degree apprenticeship Express Manager (ST0471)

Undergraduate degree Logistics Transport Manager West London University

Level 5 - Transport

Apprenticeship logistics operations manager

Level 5 - Warehouse

Apprenticeship logistics operations manager

Level 5 - Express

No qualifications are defined

Level 4 - Transport

No qualifications are defined

Level 4 - Warehouse

No qualifications are defined

Level 4 - Express

Apprenticeship Express sortation hub supervisor

Level 3 - Transport

Transport Manager CPC (certificate of professional competence)

Apprenticeship Logistics operations supervisor

Apprenticeship Transport planning technician (ST0336)

Apprenticeship Supply chain practitioner (ST0201) (FMCG)

Level 3 - Warehouse

Apprenticeship Logistics operations supervisor

Apprenticeship Transport planning technician (ST0336)

Apprenticeship Supply chain practitioner (ST0201) (FMCG)

Level 3 - Express

Apprenticeship Express delivery mentor

Level 2 - Transport

Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence)

Apprenticeship LGV Driver (ST0257)

Apprenticeship LGV Traffic Office (ST 0258 pathway)

Apprenticeship LGV Removals (ST0258 pathway)

Level 2 - Warehouse

Apprenticeship Warehouse operative (ST0259)

Level 2 - Express

Apprenticeship Express delivery operative (ST0103)

Apprenticeship Express Sortation hub operative(ST0753)


Brief Description
Express Delivery
Operative in express delivery
Express Delivery - Sortation Hub
Operative in express sortation
Express Delivery - Supervisor
A driver role where responsibility for package sortation and route allocation takes place
Express Delivery - Hub Manager
Supervisor / Manager
Express Manager- Degree Apprenticeship
Degree-level Manager
Express Strategic Manager
Masters-level Manager

More detail

Express Delivery
Operative in express delivery, from walking post to cycle, motorcycle, light & heavy van, or truck. The standard passed in July 2016 and the end point went to final edit July 2017. Originally focused on same day courier the express delivery standard developed through employer group meetings, CitySprint to UK Mail, same day courier to network & overnight. Royal Mail and Whistl focused on post and with further retail input from the likes of Asda and Specsavers the Trailblazer represents all forms of final mile delivery to client, from white goods to food, typically home delivery and with strong customer focus. The Institute of Couriers has mapped the standard for delivery & recognises best practice providers who deliver the training.
Express Delivery - Sortation Hub
Operative in an express sortation , load and unload skills to conveyor belt, packages in cages, sortation routes, automation systems to silos for re loading. (Nothing is stored in Express delivery, a happy warehouse/ hub is empty after the shift, every shift.)
Express Delivery - Supervisor
A driver role where responsibility for package sortation and route allocation takes place, a master/elite driver who spends time in the hub to over see routes and package allocation, but is still likely to hold a delivery allocation, operating in a dual role of delivery and supervision.
Express Delivery - Hub Manager
Supervisor / manager, responsible for route allocations of vehicles, both delivery and collection, working from the hub, managing incoming express delivery packages to volume and delivery timescales in a geographic area. Supervising collection routes into the network and allocating returns loads to the wider network.
Express Manager- Degree Apprenticeship
The Express employer group has a level six degree apprentice Express manager standard that will be published August 2017 following an EOI with BIS in 2016. Close partners are West London University and Derby, LMU, SHU & MMU are involved, giving wide UK coverage for the qualification for next-generation managers.
Express Strategic Manager
Strategic manager, responsible for multiple sortation and vehicle routing sites. Working toward a masters degree level.