Logistics Skills Alliance launch 2025 Logistics Vision - a national platform

Heathrow air cargo numbers hit another record month as Logistics Skills Alliance opens door to launch Logistics 2025 vision in a full house event at West Thames College with standing-room only.

Levy lock-down and busting the myths of apprenticeships at the heart of an employer-focused day in Heathrow logistics.

Levy lock-down and apprenticeship myths were explained in a full house of bookings for a multi-modal audience from DB Schenker to road and air cargo.

Opened by West Thames college principal Tracy Aust, speakers included Peter Binham TfL, Neil Impiazzi SEGRO, James Billingham LSA and Alex Farkas DWP; answering the questions of how logistics will adapt to compliance for clean air solutions, growth and expansion in traffic and the need for next-generation workforce solutions.

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Press Release

Date: 20th September 2017

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Vision 2025: Future Challenges and Opportunities facing the logistics sector

 What skills and knowledge does the logistics worker of 2025 need ?

 LSA Chair, Carl Lomas, comments,

By 2025 TfL report there will be a 30% increase in demand for public transport, Heathrow runway three will be about to open, DfT forecast benefits exceeding 60 billion pounds to the UK economy. IoC report as much as 60% of retail purchase will be home delivered.

Phones will be a hundred times faster and real-time proof of delivery matched with very accurate time slots will co-ordinate the whole supply chain to reach new levels of customer fulfilment. This will strain peak congestion and clean air issues in the inner cities will be at breaking point, we are likely to see more congestion zone areas across the UK and they may well involve clean air conditions.

The 2040 legislation to end production of conventional petrol and diesel engines will be only 15 years away and electric vehicles will have longer ranges. Supporting the increased demand for public transport commuting between cities, HS2 should be operational for 2025.

By 2025 average age achieved will be around ninety. Individual incomes may not have increased, but focus on training will reach a point where vocational apprenticeships hold respect against today's academic positions. Will we see full-time education to age 25 ?, will it be predominantly vocational ?


2025: The Logistics Vision Summit

Future Challenges and Opportunities facing the sector, Heathrow Sept 27th, East Midlands Oct 3rd

James Billingham explains...

Envisage a logistics sector in less than 10 years. On-demand commerce a reality , Mobile robotic solutions, driverless trucks and unmanned aerial vehicles/ drone deliveries , explosion of big data, carbon-free distribution and low-emission electric vehicles… What skills and knowledge does a Logistics worker in 2025 need? Logistics is the backbone of what makes our world tick. The ever-changing nature of the logistics sector, driven by insatiable customer demand, technology and competition means that logistics companies' investment strategies and forward thinking are key to long-term success.