Electric vehicles - Over 30 thousand vans and two electric-only fleets at table for TfL LoCITY van group on Feb 4th

LSA chair Carl lomas was at the LoCITY TfL Van group this week to engage operators to exchange alternative fuel, clean air solutions for vans with ULEZ around the corner of the streets of London.

How will drivers learn to drive the new electric and gas technology? ULEZ April is big on everyone’s minds - from London to those entering London from Heathrow to Manchester. Cycle and consolidation solutions are always high in the discussions. Charging and infrastructure is the number one agenda item, availability of vehicles is also key.


Lomas engaged an interaction with the view of two driver streams, those charging at depot and those charging at base. Strong networking with frank discussions before case studies from Paris, Oslo, Rotterdam and Milan where parking is free for EVs. Graham Thomas explained hydrogen diesel Sprinter vans out of West Drayton.


2019 news feb locity graham thomas ocado
Graham Thomas Ocado talks gas – diesel vans operating out of West Drayton



Carl Lomas, Logistics Skills Alliance chair and TfL, LoCITY van chair, welcomed two fully electric fleets and over thirty thousand vans to the table. Operators and solution-providers. Sainsbury's, Fedex, TNT, Hermes, Ikea, Mango and more totalled up over thirty thousand vans at the single table. Operators alongside manufacturers including LDV, Renault, Mercedes and Ford to talk real world clean air with ULEZ set for April 8th. Jackie Short opened on consolidation with a case study of Gnewt electric vans to walking porters for zero emission last mile, final mile, doorstep delivery.


Graham Thomas, Ocado

Diesel Hydrogen vans bedding in well with drivers. Graham update on fleet including food final mile. ‘We ordered twenty nine CNG trucks last year and we are ordering more. Gas has been the only option to us for heavy vehicles. We have nine hundred vans operating inside the M25. Gas has been cheaper to run than diesel.’

Graham went on to talk hydrogen converted assisted diesel Mercedes Sprinter vans. ‘We are running hydrogen vans out of West Drayton fuelling at Heathrow. There has been no noticeable issues with performance, the vans have bedded in well with drivers. Load is left 130kg lighter to make up for the weight of conversion equipment.

Speaking frankly, Graham explained, ‘There is more than one horse to back in getting success for alternative fuel vehicles. There is lots going on in terms of technology.


Jackie Short, Transport for London (TfL) 

update on consolidation projects including porterage from electric vans, Gnewt and Univ of Westminster rolling the OBO bags. ‘We are practically testing a range of Consolidation solutions including consolidation centre projects. We have been recording lessons learned, opportunities and barriers to roll out potential markets.’ Jackie talked pedestrian porterage project in combination with Gnewt Cargo, from data collected by Westminster University looking at van distance travelled and walking porters from the electric vans. Graphic of giant OBO roller bags fit for any hockey goalkeeper. Wheeled bags to the final door delivery. Jackie went on to talk Team London Bridge and the cycle freight solutions.


Cristina Miclea, C40 Cites – How are other cities tackling emissions?

The best source of information is from the cities, we bring Mayors and policy-makers together to talk clean air.

The fossil fuel free street declaration. Twenty six cities involved so far with other cities including Greater Manchester and Oxford involved who are not signed up.

Cristina delivered a case study on Paris, access restrictions for un-classified vehicles, there is a web site for operators to make sure they are compliant and financial incentives to switch to clean air solutions, a one year commercial van-sharing project is running in Paris. Benefits for clean air vehicles include two hours free parking and free charging.

Cristina talked two thousand charging points in Oslo before looking at Milan with free parking and charge exemptions for all EVs. Rotterdam, leading by example shifting its own fleet to EV and a target for zero emission logistics by 2025. Heidelberg pilot 2018-2021 for non-diesel delivery, moving to EV vans and cycle couriers.

Cristina asked, ’If it's possible in China can we do it in Europe?


Donata MacCrossan, TfL – Moving to all-electric

An update on EV Infrastructure Taskforce, setting out the Mayor's transport strategy, it's about getting to zero emission. By 2030 all cars registered in London need to be zero emission, HGVs will be by 2040. We have had three workshops in 2018 and are looking for more input from LoCITY. Workshops included user requirements, overcoming barriers for recharging and sharing market models for vehicles. We need to put the charging infrastructure in for the right groups, concentration on commercial freight and taxis.

James Smith, TfL - LoCITY

update including feedback for LoCITY, we conducted an independent study to judge your value of the LoCity programme. Many people have been confused with a busy marketplace of alternative fuel workshops. We want you to get a firm grip of membership and champions of LoCITY.



Mayor announces 23 million for scrappage of older diesel vans for SMEs,

Next road show, Fuels in action beyond ULEZ, diary date March 20th at Kempton Park.