Electric scooters under fifteen hundred pounds brand new.

Add an Express apprentice and deliver clean air in density.

LSA at Birmingham NEC for two-wheel EV final mile solution.

Hold the front page, yes, electric final mile scooter brand new for under fifteen hundred pounds. Add an Express delivery driver apprentice and you have clean air final mile economy on a new scale.

LSA were at the NEC this week to see a broad range of electric from electric scooters to Xero motorbikes with electric performance. Micromobility is the new term, LSA were at the NEC Birmingham for everything two wheel at the Motorcycle Live bike show. Electric everywhere, from traditional brands to newcomers on the block, lightweight scooters starting at this staggering value of fifteen hundred quid, is this the answer to final mile city density delivery? The new term on the block is PLVs Powered Light vehicles. 'L zero' L category is the solution to last mile delivery.

LSA chair, Carl Lomas took a look at the other end of the scale as ten thousand pounds is the cost of perfomanve electric two-wheelers, The Xero bike takes the Motorcycle News two-wheel wins for best in class. Word on two wheels at the MCIA AGM for the Motorcycle Industry was standardisation of batteries. Word is two-wheelers may beat the four wheel folk to the solution of battery fit, imagine a torch that only took that manufacturers batteries! LSA set to keep you posted.

The NEC bike show lived up to its reputation for winter bargains, from sensible gloves at thirty quid to boots, leathers and rainwear in every size, shape, style and budget for our final mile two-wheelers. All the top manufacturers had machines to die for, exotica off MV, Norton and Ducati alongside sensible final mile delivery machines from the traditional brands of Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. Extensive luggage, frames, panniers and boxes, adventure touring has rallied bike courier luggage to new levels.

LSA took time out with the MCIA to talk two -wheel compliance, theory test for commercial riding and where the new Express apprenticeship fits into bike for the levy funded final mile quals for our two-wheelers.


Stepping beyond two-wheelers, the LSA have a solution for your next generation workforce on four wheels and in the warehouse; the whole mode and all paid for by levy, from Freight Forwarding to Warehouse and Storage.

With Black Friday done it's time to look at the next line of delivery.


Take a look at the exclusive LSA photo tour of the NEC Bike show with headline fifteen hundred pounds scooter shots below


Motorcycle Live 2019 at the NEC