Princess, DfT Minister and truck driver of the year.

Opening the conference, Nadeem Raza – Microlise CEO

‘Thank you for getting everything delivered during the challenge.’

After a three-year break, the Microlise Transport Conference 2022 returned (May 18th) to the Coventry Arena. Hosted by Spencer Kelly, presenter, and broadcaster (BBC Click). Microlise were honoured to welcome Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal to the event awarding truck driver of the year and Minister, DfT, Baroness Vere thanked the logistics sector for delivering for the UK during lockdown. DVSA boss Loveday Ryder spoke enforcement. Senior Traffic Commissioner Richard Turfitt, ’Van O licence for Europe is Saturday - failure to notify change remains high.’ IOC were at Europe’s biggest transport conference at the Coventry Arena. Rising fuel price at the top of everyone’s agenda. The summary keynote and headlines range from Sir Peter Hendy talking truck bridge strikes to senior Transport Commissioner Richard Turfitt and Loveday Ryder from the DVSA. Corporate Microlise blue from giant stage, carpets, and walls. Big screen blue too, packed exhibition hall, seats rows tens deep, standing side and back, it was packed. Interactive app to engage and vote live, full to busting. TV presenter Spencer Kelly opened, ‘Are you well? We are back in real life.’


OPENING ADDRESS - Nadeem Raza, Chief Executive Officer, Microlise

2022 news may microlise nadeem raza

‘It’s great to be back. Reflecting on three years, Brexit, Covid, fuel, silicon chip shortage, global temperature. Challenge is an understatement, but everyone gets what they order, thank you to all of you for getting everything delivered. Getting a pulse of the transport sector, ‘Fuel cost is on your mind. Looking at fleet mix, EV, Diesel, LNG, bio and hydrogen.



Baroness Vere, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport, Department for Transport.

‘Covid affected our lives, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the transport sector keeping UK moving. The future of our freight networks, the shortage of drivers is a world problem, but we are taking action. 33 measures to date to help UK HGV driver shortage. DVSA is maximising testing capacity and approving training providers to instruct truck reversing. Much more has to be done to retain existing drivers, better roadside facilities, Govt has put forward twenty million pounds, also £33 ½ million from the Chancellor for better roadside facilities. Its vital HGV drivers feel comfortable and safe wherever they stop. It is clear we need to address the lack of diversity in the sector. The sector has not had gender parity. Women make up less than two per-cent of the workforce. We need to look at efficiency and costs. We need to wean the industry off oil fuels. This govt is tackling green head-on, plug-in vehicle grant schemes have supported the purchase of over four hundred and fifty thousand vehicles. From the medicines in our pharmacies to the food in our supermarkets you are keeping the UK moving.’



‘During pandemic drivers and delivery operatives worked tirelessly.’

Patron of Transaid transport charity, HRH the Princess Anne, ‘Transport and logistics has experienced real change, driver shortage, lack of new vehicle supply and rising fuel costs. During pandemic drivers and delivery operatives worked tirelessly , you are more visible than ever before. We all talk about sustainability, there are different definitions. Here at Microlise, the water bottles today have been changed to help budget and fund ten ambulances for Transaid in Africa to provide first mile for health. Investing in drivers is crucial. The future remains a challenge, but the potential is enormous if you get it right.’



Marek Mickiewicz from Culina.

HRH The Princess Royal presented Microlise driver of the year 2022 – A Rigid vehicle driver from Birmingham depot, Can do attitude and strong morale. The 2022 award goes to Culina driver, Marek Mickiewicz.



Loveday Ryder, Chief Executive, Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency

2022 news may microlise loveday ryder

My topic today is enforcement. ‘Clearly the sector is concerned for driver shortage. ‘We are a regulator and safety is very important for the sector.’ Van O licence for Europe is upon us, you will need an O licence to operate vans across the Irish border, ten years of experience is a step for van drivers to apply for that O licence. ‘We are accelerating HGV driver testing. Technology is key, innovative UK industry must flourish. Key areas of focus will be input to vehicle driving, autonomous vehicles in trial schemes. We are commissioning research on how technology will age in vehicle technology. We need to check MOT tests are right for the latest vehicles coming onto the market. We are looking for cleaner real time test data collection. DVSA has just taken receipt of a new mobile testing unit, we are going out on the road. The mobile kit has a roller brake tester and a tacho calibration system. Under-vehicle cameras will assist with particularly low vehicles.



Richard Turfitt, Senior Traffic Commissioner, Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain.

2022 news may microlise richard turfitt

A frank and refreshing delivery. ‘Drivers must feel comfortable reporting issues with their health.’ ‘We need healthy and qualified drivers.’ ‘Look after your greatest assets, drivers, availability, metal health, qualifications.’ – ‘There is a lot of optimism from new operators. Failure to notify change remains high. ‘35-day application time, pandemic has had an impact on timescales for applications. We are working closely with DVSA and DfT. Technology has been updated and we are all working towards the common goal of application timescales. OTC is presently at 47 days, and we are confident we will get back to 35 days by 2023. Our hearings had to halt during lockdown, we are back to most hearings today, inside 12 weeks. We are tailoring guidance, targeting, and timing for the operator licence journey. Telephone systems and digital are arriving for us, but the telephone system is not there to provide legal advice. We want to see good business succeed but you must read the guidance to proceed in a ready manner.


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