Commercial Vehicle ‘CV Show’ – VN5 electric taxi van at front of house for final mile of NEC

Covid19 status check to enter the NEC, fluorescent arm-band on the wrist to walk the blue carpet, void stands and empty shells lined the route of one and a half halls, not a truck in sight as vans ruled the exhibition and latest taxi van at front of house in new style clean air solution without range anxiety was the VN5 taxi van.

Ford stand, business as usual, EV transit centre stage and mild hybrid courier in the centre. Vauxhall and Maxus showcased range on their EVs, but the alternatives were thin on the ground.

There was no normal for the 2021 CV show at the NEC, no queues made up for access past the Covid checks, three days may be a bit excessive for this years show, but it does leave you until Thursday to visit, but beware of the car park, sixteen quid is London money for what should see you back in the car within a couple of hours.

A little out of place, but very cool for commercial vehicle, was off-road excitement in the LandRover showcase of 'all things new Defender'. Not sure about the load space, but clearly a go-anywhere final mile special.