Trailblazer qualification employer showcase included freight forwarding, warehouse, and express delivery

The Transport trailblazer groups were invited to the National Trailblazer conference, both freight Forwarding and Express in attendance, the conf hosted NW England at the Manchester City Etihad football stadium in an ocean of pale blue success for apprenticeship delivery across all sectors,

Keynote by the Minister Anne Milton to a full house of employers and Trailblazer chairs. ‘Next generation workforce success and value for money for the employers.’


LSA sort an employer-led, employer-designed Trailblazer delivery for the very latest, brand-new apprenticeship in Freight Forwarding.

Customs Procedures, Freight Movement, Customer Service and Freight Costing at the heart of an employer-led, levy-funded Trailblazer delivery by the Logistics Skills Alliance for leading global supply chain solutions company Panalpina.

This year’s class welcomed successful candidates embarking on a new career in Freight Forwarding on the recently approved level three Trailblazer, International Freight Forwarding Specialist Apprenticeship. They form the next generation workforce for the sector and the programme is funded from the levy.

Transport Minister Nusrat Ghani, ‘The transport industry is leading the way in unlocking brilliant careers and tackling the need for the logisticians of the future.’

Carl Lomas, LSA chairman was with Mike Brown TfL and Beverley Bell, Think Logistics to talk apprenticeships in transport at the July STAT launch.

Express delivery qualification is waiting for the Minister's sign-off to start, but news across the wider transport sector is good for apprenticeships in truck, warehouse & storage and roads.

Leading parcel delivery firm DPD recently became one of the first organisations nationally to enrol its team on the new International Freight Forwarding Apprenticeship Standard.

DPD’s International Division, working with leading freight forwarding training provider Logistics Skills Alliance (LSA) have developed a bespoke blended learning programme for the DPD team to ensure the programme meets both their knowledge and skills development needs.

International Solutions Architect Adam Morgan of DPD commented

Our team continually strives to improve our customer experience through our knowledge and skills. An investment in our own professional development is a key part of our approach. Working together with the LSA to design this programme means that we have integrated the DPD approach alongside recognised freight forwarding training programmes such as BIFA’s Customs Export and Import Procedures course.

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Esther McVey, ‘The employment rate has never been higher .

As we dare to think 2018 peak, where will we find workforce?

It's not just Heathrow setting month-on-month records. Employment rate is at a joint record high of 75.6% – this is the 17th record since 2010. All at a time when logistics from road to sortation, freight forwarding to express is in ever greater need of new workforce.

LSA at the table with the Strategic Transport Apprenticeship Taskforce STAT Conference.

LSA chairman Carl Lomas was at the STAT Supply chain skills network June conference which started with strong, extra strong coffee in Friday sunshine at the Connaught rooms with three young apprentices introducing the event that was focused on next generation workforce.

The very latest skills-forecasting document, published the previous day was on the tables. The apprentices opened the event and closed it, they spoke about bridging the gap between perceptions of the two stream options, academic or apprentice.

Keynote by Mike Brown, ‘We must rise to the challenge and find our future talent.

Words from the under sec of state, Nusrat Gahni and powerful deliveries from employers including Skanska, Network Rail, Highways England alongside CIPD boss Peter Cheese who spoke more consistent language on core skills in the supply chain.


Logistics Skills Alliance, LSA Chairman Carl Lomas announced at the Microlise Transport Conference, to the largest audience of transport professionals in the UK. Express Courier Trailblazer is published today. ‘This will bring levy-funded training to front line final mile drivers.

Dept for Education – IFA has cleared the Express delivery operative apprenticeship qualification for delivery today, May 16th 2018

Three years in the making, employer-built for next-generation final mile delivery operators.

LSA ready to deliver the Express apprenticeship with funding up to five thousand pounds of levy for the twelve month programme.

Five thousand expected in first year for levy-paid twelve month qualification in Express final mile delivery.

For a Levy lockdown interview on your opportunites to draw down funding for final mile express courier call Joanna Daly on 020 832 62079 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Logistics Skills Alliance chairman Carl Lomas was with the Express trailblazer employer group which met in strength on May 9th at the Coventry HQ of the Institute for Apprenticeships.

Thousands of express sortation depots were at the table to talk knowledge, skills and behaviour, developing vision for a new trailblazer standard for the sortation hub operatives in the express sector.