Logistics Skills Alliance hosted the Association of Education and Learning Providers, AELP transport and logistics national sector event at West Thames Heathrow on Pancake Day Feb 13th 2018

Into the pancake mix sees LSA at the heart of learning decisions for the UK logistics sector. The event brought together a powerhouse of national alliance training providers to look at what is best practice in the sector to support employers, levy and non-levy in logistics, transport, warehouse & storage and Express.

Training providers from across the UK were LSA guests for the event chaired by LSA director James Billingham. Mathew Alvarez spoke AELP policy on non-levy and AEB. T-Levels, level three and two years.

Andy Frost of Merlin training spoke well and reviewed large goods vehicle standards and the supply chain operative trailblazer.

James Billingham for LSA updated the meeting on the Institute for Apprenticeship’s new ‘Faster and Better’ programme, which will simplify and speed up the standards development process, bringing new qualifications to the sector. James highlighted simpler policy criteria for approval of apprenticeship occupations and standards and improved guidance for employers.

OTLA project funded in a coalition between AELP and the Institute of Education, IOE focused on Logistics Behaviours E-Learning Modules. Detail explained the E-learning modules to support the delivery of behaviours within Logistics Apprenticeship Standards.

James further engaged a logistics apprenticeship standards review, January IFA meeting had signposted the need for a map of the sector, the Professional stairway from the original vision of the Skills Council is on the LSA web site with a mapping of all the present quals and levels, it splits across the three themes of LGV Transport, Warehouse & storage and Express. The stairway goes from L1 via L2, LGV, Warehouse and Storage, and Express all the way to L6 degree and the very latest Express Manager standard cleared by IFA.