Carl Lomas Logistics Skills Alliance chairman ‘Van numbers are big’

Rich in national and regional operators of express, Carl Lomas chairing opened with numbers, transport sector around one and a half million and today a third of that is in the express sector - van numbers are big

Clean air, alternative fuel van discussion hosted at London Met University, Moorgate. Perfect mix of guests list with operators alongside tech, manufacturers and govt to talk clean air, electric centric but other fuels on the table. TRL, TfL and DfT in the mix for discussions.

Carl Lomas chairing sorted frank exchange discussions as operators talked about a jigsaw of options. Ocado to Addison Lee, GLH and Prestige alongside Hermes Gnewt and more. Ford, Nissan and Mitsubish some of the manufacturers at the table.

Infrastructure, charging and solutions at the top of the agenda. Sarah Wixey explained the myth-buster tools, ‘you can charge in the rain’.

Jim Chappell for TRL introduced future plans. London Met Dean, Prof Simon Jones spoke location, London logistics hot-spot and LMU at the very heart of the world network of Cable and Wireless in a building where Marconi once had an office.

Full report to follow.