Choose, road, air or ocean.

Hot off the press, DfE, Soryah Brown, Institute for Apprenticeships announced Friday April 20th the freight forwarding qualification trailblazer is published. Three streams of opportunity; road, sea or air.

Ref number ST0539 with a funding band grade 9 giving maximum funding at nine thousand pounds.

Employers involved in creating the standard included Kuehne and Nagel, Panalpina, Davies Turner , DHL, EWW logistics, Intl forwarding , Kerry logistics, Leman, Metro shipping, Neon freight, OIA Global, DSV Air & Sea, Dachser, DB Schenker, Intelligent Global Logistics, Maltacourt, Yusen Logistics and secretaried by BIFA.

Joanna Daly, Logistics Skills Alliance, LSA explains,

This is set to bring learning and assessment to a next generation of freight forwarding individuals and raise the level of professional standards with funding of up to nine thousand pounds. Levy-paying companies around Heathrow can draw down the funding and candidates will get the three-year programme free of charge while employed.

It's time for action - to get a full understanding of your access to the funding around Heathrow, call or email Jo for a levy lockdown interview. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For full details of the course offered by LSA and to download the newly-approved standard and end-point assessment you can visit our International Freight Forwarding Specialist Apprenticeship (Level 3) page.

The majority of road logistics professionals see apprentices not as trainees but as the next generation of management.

Key terms used to define logistics apprentices from the top ten answers in a logistics apprenticeships survey March 2018 by LSA included, talent, leader, developing, mentored, able to finish jobs and even stakeholder.

There was a strong vision that logistics apprentices are the next generation managers.

A hot-house of expertise defining the roles and occupations.

 We need a career map for supply chain.

Logistics Skills Alliance chairman, Carl Lomas, secretary to the Express trailblazer group joined a rich attendance list from Nestlé to Royal Mail, DHL to K&N.

Guests represented rail, maritime ports & road logistics. IOC for express. RHA for LGV, FTA for warehouse and storage. Kevin Shakespear, Inst of Export talked air. The event hosted at the Institute of Apprenticeships' Coventry HQ closed with a unanimous reality. ‘We need a career map for supply chain.

Logistics Skills Alliance hosted the Association of Education and Learning Providers, AELP transport and logistics national sector event at West Thames Heathrow on Pancake Day Feb 13th 2018

Into the pancake mix sees LSA at the heart of learning decisions for the UK logistics sector. The event brought together a powerhouse of national alliance training providers to look at what is best practice in the sector to support employers, levy and non-levy in logistics, transport, warehouse & storage and Express.

Logistics sector has mixed platforms of employment status and has engaged strongly with the Taylor review on modern working practice.

Matthew Taylor reviewed PAYE, Self-employed or worker status, holiday & sick pay and workers' rights.

Today, Feb 7th 2018, the Prime Minister issued a statement with the release of the government's 'Good Work Plan'.

The Prime Minister said:

We recognise the world of work is changing and we have to make sure we have the right structures in place to reflect those changes... We are proud to have record levels of employment in this country but we must also ensure that workers’ rights are always upheld.

Logistics Skills Alliance were at January 10th LoCity Van group meeting City of London.

Chair of the Logistics Skills Alliance, Carl Lomas chairs the LoCity van group for TfL. The first meeting of 2018 in the City of London was hosted by London Met University at their Moorgate Campus Jan 10th.

LoCity is all about clean air, Mayor of London is set to tackle air pollution; nine thousand deaths have been attributed to poor air quality in the last twelve months. The van group for LoCity has become electric-centric but gas, heavy and light gets a look-in.

Lomas opened with some context from past meetings. ‘It's clear we have two types of operated vehicles, fleets returning to a base where alternative fuel or charge can be stored, then individual operators working from home where a far greater kerb side challenge faces refuelling with alternative fuels.’

Infrastructure - charging and fuel points - was voted the number one concern by the LoCity Van group in 2017.


Logistics Skills Alliance host national FORS Governance Group meeting at Heathrow logistics hot-spot.

FORS Fleet operator recognition scheme National governance meeting Oct 2017

FORS racing towards its five-thousandth member.

Eyesight checks have been a big reason for audit failures.

Two wheel working group has had a first meeting to review options for a FORS audit programme.

FORS is a quality standard for operators; operators are audited and checked for best practice, from management of the vehicle fleet to driver checks beyond the normal practice. A quality platform, the governance group meets four times a year.

For October the FORS group was indulged by the logistics hot-spot.


Carl Lomas Logistics Skills Alliance chairman ‘Van numbers are big’

Rich in national and regional operators of express, Carl Lomas chairing opened with numbers, transport sector around one and a half million and today a third of that is in the express sector - van numbers are big

Clean air, alternative fuel van discussion hosted at London Met University, Moorgate. Perfect mix of guests list with operators alongside tech, manufacturers and govt to talk clean air, electric centric but other fuels on the table. TRL, TfL and DfT in the mix for discussions.