Commercial Vehicle Show 2024 - CV at the NEC.

Blue carpet Micro van showcase from Goupil to JLC bicycle seat delivery

EV electric avenue of all things final mile decarbonisation.

LSA were at the NEC for the CV, Commercial Vehicle Show to see final mile delivered - from single seat to all things electric - from e-Transit to Master. Maxus launched the cheeky-looking VDub eDelivery 5. There were a number of real VDub E-vans that just make everyone smile. Surely a prize for innovation goes to a double windscreen EV; glass above and below the dashboard on the space-age-looking Canoo van!

It was a hall-and-a-half on the blue carpets. The run of electric vans were supported by micro L-cat vehicles to a single seater JLC box-based bicycle seat delivery unit. Food well showcased with latest final mile vehicles from Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Iceland across different manufacturers. Government was also well represented - from Highways England to DVSA.

Parking at the NEC has become a challenge with the on-day charge at eighteen pounds fifty, but entrance to the halls remains free.

Signed in with a smart white lanyard and through the front door for the Electric Avenue of all things Ford. Transit vans adorned with the logos, ‘Upgrade your productivity’ e-Transit in all its working forms. A stairway to the upper half-hall stepped showgoers into workshop focus. Teng tools to tech. Big truck history in a multi tractor unit time frame through the ages set the tone for a network and natter of days gone by.

Back on the ground floor for business of the day.

CV show is clearly the place to see electric. EV from big truck to micro vehicle L-cats.

Micro-van models of brands outside the High Street, including Canoo, Addax and Pelkan.

Goupil looking very cool with micro box vans. Maxus had their regular ED7, but centre stage was a V-Dub lookalike launch for the eDelivery 5. Bigger stuff included Renault in the marque of Vertellus and Mercedes e-Actros , more of that detail below.

We bring you an exclusive blue carpet tour in the gallery below.

At one and a half halls and near twenty pounds of parking this was not the CV show of old but the showcase of latest electric brands under a single roof made the trip worthy of delivery.

The special Photos

Micro single seat JLC City One gets a special photo.

Double windscreen step change, above and below the dash for the Canoo EV 130Kw van.

As does the Maxus eDelivery five, tipped to be in around £ thirty five k. Addax micro EV was good for a 725kg payload. On the bigger side of small was Iveco daily 72T, advertised as a natural balance between eco & power.

Other cool special photos for the Pelkan 43 EV with a claimed 141 mile range with 7.1m of parcel volume space.

The Renault Vertellus 19T EV small truck was a joint venture between dealer and manufacturer for an EV solution and bigger weights. Back on the vans for Renault both EV Traffic and 100% electric Master were sat for hands on touch and feel.

Future truck drivers at the CV show were well catered for. Next generation youngsters queued for the Hughes HGV simulator.



 2024 news apr cv show 01


 2024 news apr cv show 01


 2024 news apr cv show 01


 2024 news apr cv show 01


 2024 news apr cv show 01


 2024 news apr cv show 01


 2024 news apr cv show 01


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