Heathrow 2017 record year – 1.7 million tonnes – John Holland-Kaye

John Holland-Kaye has set a record year for the West London hot-spot airport. Close to 1.7 million metric tonnes of cargo passed through Heathrow in what John tells the Logistics Skills Alliance is a port of freight.

Key markets for freight at the Port of Heathrow were Europe, the US and East Asia.

Heathrow said that its noise footprint was at its smallest recorded level in 11 years, with 15 per cent fewer households affected by noise. That, it said, was a result of using quieter aircraft and less night traffic.

It's a success story for passengers too - 78 million passengers used Heathrow in 2017, marking a more than 3 per cent increase on 2016. Higher passenger numbers are attributed to larger planes with fuller occupancy flying in and out.