Mark your diary oct 17th

Logistics board for West London elects Justin Moore Chair.

Naming the Hub, detailing mission & Vision.



Big steps forward for Logistics in West London. The launch of a board for logistics to drive forward a logistics hub for future recruitment. A vision and mission built. A launch date set.

West Thames College in the Heathrow hot spot, working with six West London colleges and the employer-focused Logistics Skills Alliance LSA is set to deliver logistics for West London with a new logistics hub and a board of employer operators including LSA, FE college team and DWP as they set about agreeing the future name for a West London Logistics Hub. , mission and vision statement.

Chair elected was Justin Moore from Onit Logistics. Set your diary. A formal launch event is set for Oct 17th a joint recruitment and employer event is to be hosted at Feltham Logistics Centre with a vehicle showcase from hydrogen to gas and latest EV.


Naming the hub, ‘Logistics skills & Careers Hub.’

A mission statement, - Draft - To tackle the skills and recruitment challenges within the logistics sector, adopting a multilateral approach in engaging West London with a focus in careers development sustainable partnerships.

Vision Statement – Draft - To be the driving force behind logistics and careers for West London logistics.