HBC couriers, Will, Zak, Charlie and Izzy take on the challenge for next generation express logistics apprenticeships.

Same day express courier company, HBC in the A1 corridor in logistics heartland have signed up their first four candidates from the Biggleswade sortation shed to the Express Delivery apprenticeship, a mission to build retention and progression opportunity for the next generation workforce.

Boss Ben Weldon comments, ‘This places our next generation on the road to progression in our sector. Lisa will take on the co-ordination for learning with West Thames College team, good luck to our first four candidates, Will, Zak, Charlie and Izzy. HBC is looking forward to a twelve month future programme to build job and work skills in final mile.’

The one year delivery programme will be delivered by West Thames College with the Logistics Skills Alliance using the Inst of Couriers' four-module workbooks, The learning covers the four streams of express, including mail and parcel, overnight and same day. A rich engagement in road geography, parcel weight, service and time. Click to knock, from customer to door, business and home, delivering the 'first time every time' customer promise of final mile. Gold level delivery will be based around the Institute of Couriers four-module workbooks, completed in the job environment, both virtual and in-person with added sector expert keynote input vision and experience. Retention and progression at the heart of the candidate journey, backed up for those who complete with the professional sector recognition of associate membership of the Institute of Couriers. Pending formal sign-up to the Govt levy programme, the HBC four are set to start the apprenticeship learning in June and are supported by Logistics Skills Alliance and West Thames College.

IOC chair, Carl Lomas comments, ‘Making the delivery a gold standard in the Express sector of logistics. The workbook-based programme steps away from the conventional on-line screen learning. The workbook style makes a strong fit to our Express logistics job environment where on-line is challenged by both connectivity in the metal sheds and life in the vehicle. The workbook is interactive, candidates complete feedback notes and list delivery experiences in their own words.’

Candidates can discuss challenges identified during the final mile with fellow candidates and colleagues. Supervisor prompts in the book add discussion focus for line managers to support alongside the formal tutors. It’s a hands-on approach from trainer to line manager and supervisor. Interaction is encouraged during the workbook exercises; examples include: let's chat about the delivery address in the hidden road with poor access, what are we doing with these fragile soft wrapped parcels? Which is the best route when the traffic is quieter in the middle of the day?

The Express Delivery apprenticeship concludes with an assessment at the end of the year, three sections, a multi choice test focused on knowledge in sector, a simulation around a specific collection and delivery route, and a discussion on behaviours including can-do attitude of delivery and the mission of 'first time every time' for customer door.