Exclusive survey – Let's ask logistics people on green.

‘IWLEX visitors said carbon footprint for express final mile is key.’



IWLEX became the 2023 eco transport show – even the lanyards could be planted to grow meadow seeds, Grey concrete wins eco carpet with no landfill for the show, and it was a packed full of warehouse and sortation.

LSA, two days in Telford for the new IWLEX warehouse and logistics show. Full-on eco with warehouse on grey concrete sustainable floors with seeds embedded in the show lanyards to grow in the garden when logisticians get home. 71% of visitors said knowledge of carbon footprint on logistics of delivery to door was key.’ LSA Carl Lomas was all aboard a classic final mile London courier bike. The show was packed to busting with stack, rack and tech of all things warehouse and sortation.

LSA took the brand-new, trade show opportunity to ask the questions of the final mile, last mile sector with the Inst of Couriers. An academic team led by University of West London, Bath, Derby & Birmingham, presented a four-minute questionnaire on preference of home delivery choice. Everyone who completed was awarded a Curly Wurly chocolate bar.

Final Mile survey results on exclusive IWLEX IOC final mile survey.

71% of IWLEX visitors say the final mile, delivery to door model is sustainable.

55% of IWLEX visitors said awareness of carbon footprint to customer should be raised.

48% said provide incentives for pick up options.

42% of IWLEX visitors say option to have a safe place final mile home delivery has significantly increased.


It's not too late – you can take five minutes to add your answers to the survey here https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/IOCPostcovid


Telford treat with a broad array of exhibitors from tech to packaging, fork trucks, conveyors to floor matting and racking & roller systems by Knapp, every part of the shed showcased on the grey concrete eco flooring of IWLEX, take an exclusive gallery tour of the show stands. Kamero K900 swept up by robot and polished the Honda courier bike as it did an automatic floor clearance of the whole show.


IWLEX Gallery