London traffic levels down during COVID-19, clean air is most evident on the capital’s roads, with Marylebone Road seeing a reduction in the daily average of NO2 by 48%  and Oxford Street seeing a reduction of 47%.

Daily average NO2 has reduced by around 40 per cent at roadside sites in central London, and 20 per cent elsewhere.


At Oxford Street daily average NO2 has reduced by 23 ugm-3 , a reduction of 47 per cent. Similarly, Marylebone Road has reported a reduction of 26 ugm-3 , a reduction of 48 per cent.


Levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in London are at almost half since the COVID-19 lockdown measures were introduced a month ago according to a new report published by the Mayor of London.

The report has been submitted to Defra’s call for evidence on air pollution and coronavirus and reveals that the lockdown is having a massive impact on emissions from road transport and aviation to construction and commercial cooking.

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