Associate IOC members on the Express manager degree apprenticeships make their key step to full Fellowship of the IOC.

Apprenticeship Week big celebrations, big smiles, certificates held proud, the next generation of associates are signed up for their journey to fellowship of the Institute of Couriers as our next generation sector leaders.



Tracey Worth handed out the lapel pin badges and certificates this week to an aspiring new group of express logistics managers. Our next generation who have signed up to the brand new BSc Hons degree apprenticeship, Express Manager.

The group of individuals enrolled last month on the levy-paid apprenticeship. There is no student loan. The academic learning is blended between virtual and at-table academic study matched to on-the-job learning with a mentor from the operator employer.

IOC CEO Dr Tracey Worth explains,

University of West London, (UWL) is delivering the apprenticeship as a step change in how we generate our next generation managers, a formal Hons BSc degree delivered on the job with a levy-paid degree apprenticeship. The very first candidates enrolled at the beginning of February with UWL in the Heathrow Logistics hot-spot. There is an alliance for practical training with West Thames College at the LSA logistics training warehouse in Feltham. Let me give you a view of the first day and first module learning...


The first day learning

Defining the term Express. What is the meaning of priority? Setting the term LSP, Logistics Service Provider. A supply chain driven by client and customer satisfaction. Delivering the customer promise for a 'first time every time' goal.

The first module

Employment status in the express sector. Following the intro week, candidates have gone on to look at career structure in the sector and employment status. A tour of the 2017 Taylor review of working practice and the IOC response to Taylor. The candidates calculated van driver income comparison models for PAYE and Self-employmet, varying job count and door delivery number to calculate the true take-homes of the different employment statuses. Discussions on mixed employment fleets, franchise and lifestyle couriers followed.


UWL Vice Chancellor Peter John CBE welcomed the FedEx candidates to the University of West London as the first-ever enrolments to the brand new Express Logistics Manager Degree. The three-year programme welcomes FedEx candidates from across the UK who have enrolled for the thirteen-module three-year degree course delivered while employed and working at a FedEx station.

LSA Chairman, Carl Lomas looks at the route these individuals will take to become fellows of the Inst of Couriers.

There is no student loan, the three-year programme is a degree apprenticeship paid by DFE EFSA levy. The candidates learn while they work in sector, mixing blended learning with knowledge skills and behaviours mapped by sector operators to the work environment. There are assessments during the modules. During their second module they wil prepare two and a half thousand words on worker status and discuss the mixed employment impacts of PAYE and self-employment in the driver fleets, making reference to the themes of the Taylor working practice review. It's no walk in the park, it's very focused on our express logistics sector, the module design built by operators. It's current and very job-focused. Candidates who achieve the UWL degree complete a further end point assessment and that gives that direct application status to apply for Fellow of the Institute of Couriers.


Apprenticeship Week review of the starts

Express Delivery Occupational Standard Suite is:

ST0103 Express Delivery Operative (L2) - (Over 2000 enrolments to Jan 2023)
STO471 Express Delivery Manager (L6) - (starts enrolled Jan 2023 at UWL)
ST0753 Express delivery sortation hub operative (L2)